What our Clients Say

“For more than 15 years, The Boldt Company has been partnering with Janine Smith for Talent Development consulting and Predictive Assessment needs. Janine is a seasoned talent development professional and takes a customer focused and organized approach to every project she works with. She listens to customer needs and provides a solution that is well thought out, presented professionally and on target. She understands both business and people strategy. I would strongly recommend Janine for any of your Talent Development needs.”


Emily Haupt
Vice President of Talent Strategies
The Boldt Company

“Our company has worked with Janine Smith and JS Performance Strategies for almost two decades.  In addition to benefiting from Janine’s expertise regarding the Drake P3 platform that has become an integral part of our performance appraisal and associate development program, we’ve also benefited from the leadership training and coaching she’s provided to our teams.  Janine has introduced to us valuable leadership development concepts and facilitated workshops on site to further demonstrate putting those real-life concepts into action.  We have also collaborated with Janine on developing training programs that are custom to our company and culture.  Janine’s ability to build these training programs from a ground zero brainstorming session to full implementation including training materials has made her an esteemed and vital partner for our company.”

Cassie Petty
Vice President, Human Resources and Quality Assurance
Standard Electric Supply Co.

“We have been working with Janine for over two years and the experience has been professional and impactful.  She has helped establish and understand the success profiles for each of our primary job functions resulting in better hiring decisions.  Her knowledge of the DrakeP3 solution is comprehensive, which has been demonstrated effectively with our initial and ongoing training sessions.   Overall, we have improved our hiring selection process and team communications through Janine’s consultancy and the DrakeP3 program.”

Michael J. Lessick

Vice President of Sales

Mindray North America

We had an extraordinary experience with Janine during our on-site team building event. Janine’s expertise in effective communication strategies and her deep understanding of both our team dynamics and individual communication strengths and gaps greatly enhanced our collaborative efforts, resulting in remarkable growth and success.”

Rebecca at a Global Software Company”

Continental has partnered with Janine Smith for the last seven years. During which time, she has proven herself credible and capable in her methods and ability to help select and develop talent that is aligned with our high standards and expectations. Janine’s calm presence and collected approach to coaching business leaders, managers and team members has been incredibly valuable to Continental through the years. Her desire and ability to understand our business model and objectives and align her approach to supporting our talent initiatives is both commendable and rare.

Perhaps one of Janine’s greatest qualities is her subtle yet effective “push and pull” communication style. She has a way of letting you know when there is an alternate, better approach and always delivers that feedback in a nonconfrontational and supportive, forward-focused way. She is a pleasure to partner with and know, both professionally and personally.

Ashley Napoli, MBA

Vice President of Human Resources, Continental Properties

JS Performance Strategies has been instrumental in assisting us in hiring the right people for our organization. With Janine’s guidance, we do a better job predicting individuals who have the necessary energy and proper fit for a given position. Janine is an invaluable partner!

Dirk J. Debbink

P.E. Chairman & CEO, MSI General Corporation

Janine assisted us in developing a succession strategy. Her positive and open approach builds trust with individual members of our Senior Management team. This, in turn, allows them to openly discuss issues, challenges, and individual goals.

Rod Neier

CEO, Roto-Mix, LLC

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