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At the heart of our consulting services, the Drake P3 talent management system provides a pre-hire to retire approach to talent management. Our comprehensive suite includes four expert modules:

Go beyond the resume. Adding behavior to your recruitment process is the missing element that will help differentiate between two candidates that might appear very similar on paper. The Selection Expert gives you the power to identify specific personality traits and behavioral tendencies, providing insight into which candidate is naturally inclined to succeed in a specific role. For more information

Maximize the impact of your leaders. Management Expert assessments will increase levels of self-awareness from your leaders, which in turn fosters more effective communication as well as encourages tolerance and openness to personality diversity. Such understanding supports the resolution of conflict more sensitively and empathically, as well as present greater opportunities to connect and motivate with the team. For more information


Build cohesive teams. Team Profiling builds awareness around the strengths and weaknesses of a team. Having insight into a team’s dynamics creates a greater understanding amongst team members and enhances cooperation and cohesiveness. It also allows for the fostering and nurturing of talent where needed, and the integration of new members seamlessly. For more information


Create performance goals aligned with corporate goals. The Performance Expert is designed to eliminate any bias and subjectivity associated with traditional performance reviews whilst aligning individuals with the goals of the organisation. The tool also helps raise awareness of any gaps between performance and perception, helping you create an actionable and targeted development plan in alignment with your business’ objectives.


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